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This is exactly what I eat 12 weeks outside of a show. I am an amateaur, however, I know how to make some chicken, steak, and eggs. I'm going to explain the difference between good carbs and bad carbs, as well as good fats and bad fats. 

For meal number one, I'm going to start with breakfast. I personally eat 6 meals a day. It's important to start the day off waking up early, at 6am, and after I eat my first meal early I will usually go back to bed. Waking up again at 7:30 to start my day off with some cardio. Trust me on this, you need to get a food scale to measure your food.

Let’s start off with meal number one: one cup of egg whites and one cup of gluten-free oatmeal. Keep in mind one cup of oatmeal is a lot of oatmeal now. Pro tip: for every one cup of oatmeal you want a cup of water. Another pro tip, put “Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seed” seasoning on your eggs.

Remember, now throughout the day I try to get in a gallon a day, minimum. Now, the first and last meals will typically be similar in terms of having egg whites and oatmeal. Now I promise you it won’t take more than 30 minutes to cook meals 2-5 and that's what I do. You'll be blowing protein farts everywhere I promise.

Meals 2-5 consist of chicken, flank steak, and ground turkey breast. For seasonings, I use pink himalayan sea salt. I load up on salt for my pre workout meals because of the sodium intake. I feel like I get better pumps in when I hit the gym.  Another Pro tip make sure to use basil on all of your proteins.

I cook on a pan and recommend using pam or olive oil to make the food taste better. I like to cook the flank steak and the ground turkey breast on low heat. We don't eat food as bodybuilders for taste we eat food for performance, so naturally your life is going to seem like groundhog day where everyday is the same, so we have to switch it up. The 3 carbs that get the job done for me are red potatoes, oatmeal, and jasmine rice. Just keep it in the back of your head that you’re eating for performance and it makes life a lot easier.Now I like to mix in some veggies with meals 2-4 I like to use broccoli and peppers to help supplement my meals.

Meal 2 (Pre-workout meal): 1 ½ cup of jasmine rice, 7oz of ground turkey breast with a tablespoon of coconut oil.

Meal 3: 8oz of flank steak and 10oz of red potato

Meal 4: 7oz of chicken with 1 ½ cup of jasmine rice

Meal 5: 7 oz of ground turkey breast with 1 ½ cup of jasmine rice 

*Now with my veggies there is no limit to how much you’d like to put on your meals and you do not need to weigh out your veggies.

Meal 6: I like to drink this meal so you need a measuring cup and you need to pour out 1 cup of egg whites with 1 cup of oats mixed together and add some water to the mixture.

Lastly, I take two spoons of almond butter with meal 1 and two spoons with meal 2. With this plan, twelve weeks out from the competition I do three low days of 400g of carbs and a high day of 600g of carbs.

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