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Let’s start with the mind-muscle connection and how important it is to your success. If you do not get this one thing right, it’s going to set you back YEARS. How do you activate a muscle? The mind-muscle connection is already a real thing that is inside all of us. At first, you have to make that connection it’s just like learning to drive a manual car and how to coordinate the clutch and shift gears. Well, that’s how it is for training. In the beginning, yes, you need to pay attention to every little thing to do the workout right and to feel it inside the muscle and after a while, you can go right into your workouts and you can feel the effect and feel what’s happening. Pay attention to what your body is feeling and what it is telling you. Are you getting a pump or not? It starts with focus. Everyone overthinks everything. You don’t have to look for the perfect workout or the perfect foot position. Is there even such a thing called a “Perfect Blueprint” to give anyone? It simply comes down to repetition and comes down to what you are feeling during your training.

With every Guru out there trying to give you all sorts of advice about training and diets you will never have the “Perfect” answer.

We live in a different era now compared to the Frank Zanes era. One of the biggest differences in bodybuilding is culture. Back in the day, bodybuilders trained for an hour and a half, went to the beach for an hour, and then hit the gym again for another hour. Compared to now with all the muscle bellies out there. Back then, Frank found himself not eating that much and as he got in better shape he found himself stretching out the meals and not really eating until he was hungry. So his motto became “Stay Hungry Longer”. The first thing that goes is your glucose and then your glycogen and then you get into burning body fat. It’s not until after about 8-10 hours will you start to lose muscle. Frank’s advice is to not worry about everything and worry only about what you actually look like, because the results will speak for themselves. This is one of the biggest contrasts I see between the eras. The workout intensity and duration was longer, the meal frequency was shorter. Arnold told Frank the secret of nutrition, “it doesn't matter what you eat just so you eat a lot of it”. Frank lived by eating around 200g of protein and 100g of Carbs with eating a moderate amount of HEALTHY fats (no butter and cream). The morning of Olympia Frank had three soft poached eggs with 8oz. of calf’s liver and baked jam and every 45 minutes he had amino acids with baked jam right up to the show. Frank gave me a piece of advice “don’t get big too fast”. People ask me all the time about “how do I keep a tight waist?” Frank advises not to eat a lot and do not do a lot of ab work. It is important to make slow and steady improvements and not jumping into trying to get big quick in 5 months time. Concentrate on one thing at a time and concentrate on what you are doing.




  1. avatar Juan Pablo says:

    So sorry. Im very interesting about the program but my wife is pregnat and in this moment I dont have mony to pay you the nutritional plan… So if you could help me I ll be grateful for rest of my life

  2. avatar Sahil Sahdev says:

    It really make me happy.

  3. avatar Jesseallen says:

    Help me get fit

  4. avatar Marcelo Rocha says:

    First: The deal for ROUND 2 still working, for 2 people. I want to get for my sister, she lives in BRAZIL 🇧🇷, but I’ll be at too!
    Second: Do you think is better to get the CHALLENGE ROUND 2 or get a CUSTOM PLAN? I want to get back to COMPETE again, I miss the STAGE, let me know, but anyway I’ll be at ROUND 2.

  5. avatar Kumail hussain says:

    Sir I want Join ur trainings


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