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The way life works is, you will never know if something is for you or is not for you. All you’ll know is regret, if you don’t at least TRY to make a change. You know, if I wanted to be a skateboarder, sliding down rails you know, jumping over like 12 sets of stairs and I never step foot on a skateboard just because I am scared thinking if this is for me or not for me. That’s the most absurd thing ever. Now, I know there is a certain level of fear trying new things but let me tell you something about fear now. Successful people do not give a damn about fear.

Look at me and my bodybuilding career. I was 17 years old, never played a sport in my life, I was a 139 pounds at 6 feet tall, soaking wet. The last thing in the world I thought about was owning a gym membership. I thought “ this was not for me” and I was scared and couldn’t even join a gym because of my insecurities. I was BEYOND a beginner and an amatuer, I had to train in my basement for a year and a half before I could muster the courage to step foot in a gym. Look, if I wanted to become a professional racecar driver and have never sat in the driver side behind a steering wheel my whole life, how the hell would I ever become a professional race car driver?

All of these fears, insecurities, and uncertainties we have within ourselves is because of social media. Your failures are projected out into the world 24/7. But like I said before, successful people don’t care to give a **** about failing. I have failed so many times because every time I failed I figured out what didn’t work and that made me one step closer to success. This is so important with bodybuilding especially, you want to fail, you want to go to the gym and get crushed by the weights, you want to push yourself, you want to grow. You don’t grow in comfortable waters. You might have a hobby or a passion that you’re afraid to pursue because it may not be for you. Meanwhile, all you do is waste your life away with filler activities instead of activities you want to do. Man up, grab your balls, and set out to do something difficult. Who cares what your family and friends think, who cares what your neighbors think, who cares what people on social media think. It's your life, make the most out of every single day. We are only on this planet for 70 years. Be comfortable with sucking at something for several years, you don’t become a master at anything overnight.

Before 1954, the 4-minute mile was seen as an impossible record to hit. It was broken by Roger Bannister. Since he broke the record, 1400 people have since broken the record and are now considered the athletic standard. Once people saw it was possible they threw their fears and insecurities out the window and said “I GOT THIS”. I write this because I care about you, the world doesn't need any more pussies.



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