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I want to tell you about my fat blasting workouts. It's a fasted cardio session that I like to do with weight training because sometimes one weight training session is not enough. Especially if you’re trying to get 3% body fat or even lower. Now, what I have been including in my fat blasting workouts is a 1 minute all out intensity on a spin bike, 10 reps of squats, 10 reps of deadlifts, 10 reps of bench press. Now I like to do this for 15 rounds.

Now, remember I do this with absolutely ZERO rest between each.

Before you start, make sure you take a weight that is challenging enough but make sure it’s also a weight that you can push for 300 reps, okay? Now, this is going to be a workout that pushes you to the limit so get your game face on now because it is nuts.

If you want to take your workout to the next level try adding some resistance bands to your dumbbell bench press just to add a little bit of intensity. You are going to absolutely crush this workout and I will turn you into a beast!

I promise you if you do it right, you will already be sweating after two sets. The best thing about this workout is that all you have in front of you is an opportunity to achieve greatness and glory! This workout is just you and your strength.

Once you get halfway with this workout, I promise you you'll have a pump in your back like no other. No matter how many times you do it or how long you do it, this challenge always gets the best of you. This routine will have your body fat melting. Think about doing a burpee constantly for 25 minutes it's going to leave your body constantly taxed and you won't even be able to breathe properly. 

Be a ******* champion.




  1. avatar tarik elmoujahid says:

    man and i thought doing mike chang flow training 3 times a week was hard….respectt

  2. avatar Ali azmat says:

    It was awesome bro 👌

  3. avatar Mohammed says:

    How many days in a week will you do this cardio session. Would this be your go to cardio session or do you do other workouts for cardio.

  4. avatar Shiva says:

    Nice stuff

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