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Bulking, it seems like these days especially with all the social media you only see the end result. You see these 12-week programs and expect the same result. You don’t need to compete to be a good bodybuilder. But, since we are on the topic 12-week and 14-week preps are not going to cut it for the majority of people. I started at 139 pounds and trained every single day for 6 years straight and I went from 139 to 240 pounds, to only come back down to compete at 185. You have to get as much muscle mass as possible in the bulking phase. Nowadays, people are only posting their good photos and you never see the bad or the ugly anymore. Trust me, I am not always ripped all the time. The best pros in the world eat a lot. We eat a lot so we can lift heavy. When you lift heavy, you’re able to build muscle. Consume a lot of calories and you’ll build muscle. Lean bulking does exist but it’s not as effective for younger guys and my personal advice is to go through along the bulking phase. I would say a few years if you want to really get into fitness. Get comfortable into training, get comfortable to get mass. Don’t train for a year to only gain 20 pounds and want to get lean right away. Have an image of your ideal physique. As a kid, I always gravitated toward being 210 with abs and I always had that image stuck in my head. You can’t get very far in the industry without having a significant amount of knowledge. The bottom line is, take some solid years lifting heavy and eating a lot. Don’t be the guy that just rushes into trying to look their best quickly. If you’re not working out for internal reasons I am not sure how far you could possibly get.

Love what you do. You have to fall in love with the weights. You have to take it one step at a time. it was never about showing people how great I am. It was never about showing off and the guys that are going to be getting ahead are not going to be focusing on their followers and will be putting in the time and effort into the gym. People end up learning from trial and error and don’t make the same mistakes millions of others made. Don’t start to shred until you put on that size. I am very passionate about all this because I don’t think people want to do the work and you will never make it ahead, so don’t give me the “I want to be pro”, give me the “I am in love with the gym.” This is going to reprogram you to focus on yourself, don’t worry about all the noise out there.




4 thoughts on “BULKING & SHREDDING

  1. avatar tarik elmoujahid says:

    cool man

  2. avatar Michael Maseko says:

    Now this teaches us that we should be proud of our bodies not only in our cutting phase but also in our bulking phase because that’s where you lay the foundation that’s required for cutting. Always great listening and putting your advices into action 🤝✌

  3. avatar Arindom says:

    Sir your are my inspiration 🙂🙏🙏

  4. avatar Samir says:

    You’re great man Sadik!Thanks a lot for huge motivation and thinking about others!

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